The crew spent 3 1/2 months on location in Mongolia shooting KIRAN. Living with their subjects in the very simple lifestyle of the nomads of Central Asia, the crew formed a deep and generously communicative bond with the local eagle hunters and their families. Much of the film was shot on horseback in some of the most forboding, yet austerly beautiful mountains in the world. A great deal of effort was focused not only on shooting quality, high action footage of the magnificiant eagles, and documenting the techniques used in the ancient art of eagle mastery, but also in exploring the beautiful and often touching relationships between eagle and master, and master and apprenctice.

The culture of the Kazaks of western Mongolia is much like a vintage red wine that has been sealed for decades: It is mature, complex, and highly unique. The goal of 'Kiran Over Mongolia' is to document the Kazak culture peculiar to Mongolia now that the country has been opened to the world since the fall of communism. Like a vintage wine, while it may last for decades when sealed, once opened it survives only a tiny percentage of it's total lifetime. However, it is during this fleeting, precious period that the wine is at its best. 'Kiran Over Mongolia' has documented the magnifciant culture of the Kazak eagle masters of western Mongolia in exactly that beautiful and precarious state.